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Interested in applying to be in the calendar, but still have questions?
Hopefully we can answer most of them here!

When do you accept firefighter applications?

We start taking applications in January and close the application March 30th. 

What is the process in order to be considered for the calendar?

You simply fill out the online application and attach your two photos.  In mid April our board members review all applications and selects the firefighters who exhibit the characteristics we are looking for. This isn't all about looks.  Some other factors we consider is your passion for helping rescue animals and your loved ones support in your participation.  If selected, you get to hang out with our awesome team members and the puppies at fun events that engage with the community!    

What types of firefighters do you accept? 

Professional, Volunteer, Wildland & Helitack 

Is there a try-out event?

We do not hold a try out event. We find that the firefighters we work with are discouraged by the pressure of a try out event and we never want to make anyone uncomfortable.  In addition, we take into account several factors when making selections for who will be represented in our calendar that a try out event cannot demonstrate.

Do I need to live in Colorado in order to be considered?

Our calendar is based out of the Denver Metro Area.  To date, our firefighters have been based out of Colorado from departments as far as 3-4 hours away. If you are in a surrounding state and can make a small commitment to be there for a photoshoot and some major events we'd love to see your application come through! 

If I've already been in the Fire Rescue Dogs Calendar can I re-apply?

Even the following year?

Of course! We LOVE our firefighters and we do not have any rules against re-applying in consecutive years. In fact, we encourage it! In the past 8 years we've had a total of 22 of our firefighters come back for a 2nd, 3rd or 4th year!

Do I need to attend a certain number of events throughout the year?

No, We are flexible, easy to work with, and DO NOT require you to be at a minimum number of events.  We realize that firefighters have busy schedules and we only encourage you to be there in attendance if and when you are able to.  We have a feeling that you'll have so much fun you'll want to be there to hang out with amazing people. We are here to have fun raising money for a great cause and this should not feel like a second job to you.  

How many events are scheduled?

We generally schedule 3-6 events throughout a calendar year. Keep in mind that you are not required to attend all of these events, but if you can, that is amazing!

Do I need to sell a minimum number of calendars?

We DO NOT require you to sell calendars. We encourage you to try and sell to friends and family as you wish as each calendar sold helps a puppy - but no hard feelings or pressure if you don't. Amazon does a fantastic job of selling calendars for us!  

When are the photoshoots?

May or June - We always have 2-3 shoots in order to accommodate schedules.  We will work with you to find one that fits the best. 

When is the release party for the new calendar?

August - During the 1st or 2nd weekend.  

As soon as a date is locked down you will be notified immediately in order to save the date. 

What is the full time commitment?

About 12 months - However, you are always more than welcome to join us for events as alumni...we'd love to see you!

Most of our events occur during the months of August - December and then it slows down at the beginning of the next year.  

How much experience with puppies/dogs do you need?

If you're new to puppies, no problem! One of our firefighters held a puppy for the very first time during his photoshoot and he did great! We have a wonderful support team that makes sure the puppies are taken care of and you are comfortable.  

Email with any further questions

and we'll be happy to help answer them for you. 

Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering! 


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